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Coronavirus / Latest News for Tier 2

Dear members
The Committee are as disappointed as you are that, being in Tier 2 under the Covid 19 laws, we are very limited as to the playing opportunities we are able to offer our members right now but we can only work within what the law permits and, as such, we are guided by what Table Tennis England tells us is permitted.

You should already know that group coaching of under 18s is still permitted, as is one-to-one coaching, by our Authorised Ellenborough Coaches, of members of any age.  Ask us for details if you need them or look at the AEC page on our website.

On a temporary basis, we have now established other categories of play that are possible and we need to know from you the level of interest in each of these so that we can try to arrange playing sessions accordingly:

1.  If you are a family living together in a single household then you can continue to play with other members of your household, whether juniors or adults.  If this applies to your family then let us know and tell us which session/s would interest you (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon or evening) and on which day/s of the week.

2.  If you are a person living alone but in a support bubble with another household then you can continue to play with others in your bubble.  Likewise, if you are a household in a support bubble with a person living alone then the same applies.  You will need to register with us the names of the players from the two households in your support bubble and, again state your preferred session times and days.

3.  Practice alone with a TT robot is also permitted for any player.  Gordon Izatt is kindly obtaining a new and relatively easy to use robot for use by any member.  The conditions for use will include: a. Having to purchase from us your own personal supply of suitable TT balls for use with the robot (around £10 for a bag of balls, at cost price, that should last quite a few sessions) and b. Having to sanitise, after each session, the outside parts of the robot that you may have touched.  (Playing against a robot is more intense and availability low so time would be limited to a single slot in any session initially).  Again, if you are interested tell us your preferred session times and days.

4.  Bringing your own robot and balls may also be permitted for single player use but you would need to clear this with us first and, again, only single slots would be bookable.  Also, there are limited numbers of suitable electric points at the club.   Again, if you are interested tell us your preferred session times and days.

You must now be a current paid up member to continue playing at the Club (or a paying guest from within a family or bubble).

To respond to any of the above DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL but send a fresh email to: ettcpingpong@gmail.com with the subject ‘Tier 2 play’.  Please do not use that email address for any other matters at the present time.

We are looking into possible petitions to press for more lenience towards our sport, in which we believe we can provide a very safe playing environment when compared with certain other activities that are still permitted.  We will let you know how you can register your views.  You may, of course, also wish to contact your local MP on this subject.

Lastly, if you are not able to continue playing under the current restrictions, please be assured that we will try our best to compensate you by again offering refunds or discounts.

Yours in sport, The Executive Committee


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